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Dear Village of Winnebago Resident/Business Owner,

We are excited to let you know of the improvements that will be taking place in your area this year.  The Village of Winnebago has received very favorable bids for the 2019 Street Projects within the Village and you will soon see these improvements take place.  This 2019 street project will take place on Benton Street from the 100 Block of North Benton Street to its Southern end of the 300 block of South Benton Street at or near Cunningham Road.

This street project will include new asphalt pavement overlay in the Downtown area of Benton Street and upgraded handicap accessible sidewalk ramps with some further sidewalk improvements, as is now required by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA).  Included in the 100 block of South Benton Street are catch basin and storm sewer repairs as well as a new asphalt road surface and striping. This project includes a proposed new municipal parking area/bicycle parking lot in the middle of the 100 block of North Benton Street as well as an improved pedestrian sidewalk and extension of the Pecatonica Prairie Path (Bike Path) to the downtown area.  The parking improvements in this area will add 16 new parking stalls.

Business owners and residents are urged to keep these areas clear for the duration of the project which is scheduled to begin the week of May 6th 2019. Civil Constructors, Inc., the low bidder, has been approved for the construction of this project and their personnel along with the Village of Winnebago personnel will work together to notify affected businesses and residents of the construction schedule. The roads will remain partially open as much as possible with short term closures throughout the project.  The project is scheduled to be completed prior to July 1, but will be dependent upon the weather.

Landlords and tenants as well as business owners of the downtown area are urged to find alternative parking during this project.  While not all properties have alley parking those that do are urged to use that alternative during the project. The Village will also be providing space as available at the Village Hall and adjacent police department parking lots in order to alleviate some parking areas during construction. Additional street parking is available along Soper Street as well as Main Street. Parking in those areas south of the 100 block of Benton Street should be avoided and the alternate parking areas should be utilized during this time.

Please be aware that when the construction project is finished, the 100 block of South Benton Street will revert back to a one way road with the direction of travel being from north to south only in that one block.  This decision was made by the Village Board based upon feedback from the business owners and various people parking in the downtown area that it was very difficult for traffic to travel in both directions with parking on both sides of the street.  Thank you for your patience while these improvements are completed and please feel free to contact the Village office at 815-335-2020 for further information.


Franklin J.  Eubank, Jr.

President, Village of Winnebago



The Village of Winnebago Garage Sale Days will be Friday, June 21st and Saturday, June 22nd




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