Our Local Government

The Village Office is currently located at:

108 W. Main Street, Winnebago, IL 61088

Village Office Phone:  (815) 335-2020
Village Office Fax:  (815) 415-8491

Hours:  Monday – Thursday
8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Closed Fridays

Village Office Map

Description of the Village

  • Village President – Franklin Eubank, Jr.
  • Village Clerk – Sally Jo Huggins
  • Village Trustees – Jason Ackerman, Jeremy Graham, Adam LeFevre, Michael McKinnon, Julie O’Rourke, Drew Pearson


Board Committes

Community Development -Drew Pearson (Chairperson), Jason Ackerman, Michael McKinnon

Finance – Jeremy Graham (Chairperson), Drew Pearson, Julie O’Rourke

Police – Julie O’Rourke (Chairperson), Adam LeFevre, Jason Ackerman

Public Works – Michael McKinnon, Chairperson, Jeremy Graham, Adam LeFevre


Liquor Commission

Frank Eubank,  Kelli Jeffers,  Jim O’Rourke


Zoning Board

Bill Emmert, Chairman, Frank Eubank, Irvin Koning, Dennis McDougal, Mike Booker  


Village of Winnebago Mission Statement

The mission of the Village of Winnebago is to provide a safe, comfortable environment for all of its citizens.  The Village of Winnebago shall provide efficient and effective government services in a fiscally responsible manner.  While committed to this professional level of service, the Village must weigh each individual needs against community standards and resources, to determine what is in the best interest of all its citizens.


Annual Operating Budget – $3,993,152.00

The Village Office and Police Department are located at 108 W. Main Street, Winnebago, Illinois

The Street and Water Departments are located at 600 W. Soper Street, Winnebago, Illinois

The Village employs 12 full-time staff members and 4 part-time staff members.

Block diagram of the Village’s Functional Subdivisions