Pecatonica Prairie Trail

Trail Use

Trail Etiquette & Safety

  • Permitted users: hikers, bicyclists, cross country skiers, motorized wheelchairs operated by people with disabilities. The trail is open year-around.

  • Not Permitted: horses, snowmobiles*, ATV’s, motorcycles or any other motorized vehicles, hunting.

  • *Snowmobiles are allowed only to cross US 20 at the Sherman Underpass located approx. 3 miles East of the village of Pecatonica by Hoisington Rd.

  • All pets must be in a leash. Please clean up after your pet.

  • For Maintenance & Safety issues call the Convention & Visitors Bureau at (815) 233-1357.

Trail Highlights

  • 10 foot wide, level grade, with crushed limestone surface.

  • 10 foot asphalt surface in the villages of Pecatonica and Winnebago, Sumner Park and at the Sherman Underpass.

  • 32 bridge structures of various types.

  • Wetlands, remnant prairies and scenic meadows.

Restroom Facilities

  • Sumner Park on the west limits of Pecatonica Village

  • Sumner Park East – planned to be in place by 2014

Parking and Access

  • Sumner Park in the village of Pecatonica

  • Local Streets and Roads. Must abide by local parking laws


To report maintenance or safety problems:

Please contact us at
OR call the Convention & Visitors Bureau at (815) 233-1357.

*In an emergency call 911.

Trail Map

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